February 4, 2012

Missing Sword Found

The Director of Feline Historical Society announced last Friday that the missing sword of Puss is found at last.

Puss in Boots is known as the greatest hero of Hasparian Era and served as the chief warrior of King Kitty Perry III. He was sent to quell the Pigsty Rebellion in the Northern Edge of the Feline Empire. He is also hailed the "Wolf Beheader" after he wiped out the unified forces of Bears and Wolves during the First Hasparian War.

Puss died by choking in furball while leading a charge against the Dogs in the Second Hasparian War. His sword fell into the hands of the barbarians and its location were not known. Many tried to locate the famous sword but it was elusive. The sword of great Puss was retrieved in the town of Urin when soldiers of 6th Marine Units captured the town from the elite Poodle Battalion.

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